men's hairstyles

Do you need to redesign your appearance in 2020? Then you have come to the right place because now I have made a list of seven haircuts for men. Just choose the one you want; choose the photo on your next visit to the hairdresser, and you will feel like a new person. Although we can assume that there will be new mens hair style trends 2021, these hairstyles trends in 2020 will still look good. From models to celebrities, from influential people to athletes, you will know the latest hairstyles right now. Now, let’s take a look closer at them one by one.

Men's hairstyle

Texturized French

Let’s start with the structured fringe, where the hair is stretched backward/forwards, with peroxide to give the hairstyle a “carefully messy” look. The size of the hair can be medium or more extended. This is currently the preferred hairstyle of many male versions.

Buzzcut Fade

The Buzzcut is nothing more than the eternal shaving of hair. In its updated edition, however, it vanishes from the page. The actor Michael B. Jordan is one of the cut fans, which gives the wearer an extremely masculine image. Another (other) advantage of the Buzzcut is that it is easy to handle for daily care. Just go to the hairdresser every two or three weeks to maintain the right inclination.

Falling Quiff

In a literal Portuguese translation, even falling toads are something like “tufts in autumn”. And what is the main reason for this title? Imagine your lock of hair after a very long moment. When you try to keep it upright, some threads will fall on your forehead, isn’t it? The idea of removing the topknot is precisely that, along with the crack, which is not accidental but intentional. The goal is to give the appearance some comfort. Actor Chris Hemsworth, known to have enjoyed Thor in Marvel films, enjoys this special hairstyle.

Top Dreads

Currently, a specific proposal for all those who have afro hair is the top dreads. It is an improved version of traditional dreadlocks using braided hair strands. The idea is to cut the sides and pull up the hair with a negative fall. Who remembers Michael B. Jordan from the movie “Black Panther”? This is what we are talking about.

Texturized Tuft

Do you remember we talked earlier about falling quiff? It’s a kind of business blockade in full expansion. A popular choice among male style influences – like Rowan Row and Stefano Tratto – would adopt this traditional, structured haircut. In other words, this has nothing to do with an extreme right-wing hairstyle like the one Elvis Presley wore from the 1960s on. The concept is to make the hair mobile, rather with a matte spray.

Middle Part

With a foot from the 90s, the central element returns from every place. The concept is essential to divide the hair into two halves that fall backward from the front. The threads must be mixed and stretched for a certain rebellion to manifest itself. The best version of Cameron Dallas is one of the most important precursors of appearance.

Long-Medium Hair

To close our list with a golden key, we could not overlook the long (medium) hair. Remember that it is essential to keep a fantastic amount of “movement” in your hair, rather than leaving it too straight. Two men – Pacheco – have mastered this particular haircut.